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Meet the Stylist: Timothy Haveron

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  • 12/12/2016

This month we caught up with Beautii stylist and master of all things hair related, Timothy Haveron. With experience in TV, theatre and film, Timothy has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. So who better to get some inside knowledge from?

When did you decide to become a hair stylist?

I’ve been in the hair industry since I was 13. I always had a passion for art and my mother thought it would be a good idea for me to get into hairdressing. She was right, I loved it, and now 13 years later I’m loving it even more. I recently finished my certificate in SFX make-up and fashion make-up at the make-up dept in Belfast. This helps when they run short of make-up artists on set. I can jump in and be versatile between the hair and make-up teams.


Who has inspired you throughout your career?
I have been inspired throughout my career, but one person in particular has been my supervisor and good friend Pamela Smyth, she is so talented. I have worked with her on Game of Thrones 2 and 6 and two other productions.  I admire Kevin Murphy, I love his use of colour through his session work, and for colouring Josh Woods, his work is so delicate and shows his perfectionism. I love Japanese pop art, and Eduardo Paolozzi. His work inspires me and encourages me to work outside the boundaries. My inspiration also comes from emotion and culture. My husband is from Lebanon, I find I get inspired the most through ancient Middle East, the make-up, wigs and clothing.


What’s your favourite thing about your job?
My favourite thing about my job, has to be making people feel good, then the art of hair. The adventures I get to experience, from going into a film sets to a music festivals, it’s like entering different worlds each time.


If you weren’t a hair stylist what would you be doing instead?
If I wasn’t a hairstylist I would be a nurse or carer. I love to work with people especially the elderly. Also my dream is to work with young adults with learning disabilities.


Any top hair tips to share with our followers?
My biggest tip is invest in good products and a good stylist , keeping your hair moisturised is just as important as your skin.


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