We all love the tranquil feeling of calm, comfort, and connection after a high-quality massage treatment. But massage therapy is also a powerful tool when it comes to taking charge of your health and well-being, producing physical and emotional benefits, and proven to reduce stress, improve circulation, lower your heart rate and blood pressure and even improve your immune system.

Beautii’s team of highly qualified mobile massage therapists deliver bespoke treatments tailored to your needs and concerns and provide services across private clientele at home, hotel partners, and corporate events.

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  • Beautii Signature Massage – Deep Tissue & Swedish From£110

    Deep tissue uses firm pressure and strokes to target deep layers of muscle and fascia to ease aches and release tension and stiffness. Swedish massage combines relaxing gentle strokes with some stronger techniques, perfect to unwind and de-stress.

    Prices from £110 for 60min
    Prices from £165 for 90min

  • Sports Massage From£120

    Perfect for those who do regular physical activity, sports massage incorporates soft tissue release, massage of the connective tissue, trigger points, and muscle stretching, in order to enhance performance, aid recovery, and prevent injury.

    Prices from £120 for 60min
    Prices from £180 for 90min

  • Pregnancy Massage From£120

    Delivered by a qualified specialist, pregnancy massage is extremely beneficial for mothers to be, gentle techniques are used in order to soothe, relax and ease swelling, pain, and tension caused by pregnancy. This treatment is safe for those in their third trimester. (Please note: massage therapy is not recommended for those in the first trimester of pregnancy).

    Prices from £120 for 60min
    Prices from £180 for 90min

  • Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage From£165

    Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage uses deep touch, and a series of fast strokes to stimulate the lymph nodes to reduce swelling and toxins in the body, creating a slimming and sculpting effect, and improving the appearance of cellulite. A great choice of treatment in preparation for an event, to detoxify the body, or post-surgery.

    Prices from £165 for 75min
    Prices from £200 for 90min

  • Thai massage (with or without oil) From£150

    Performed by a Thai massage specialist traditionally on a floor mat, sessions can be done either fully clothed with no oil, or partially clothed with oil. During a session, the massage therapist will stretch and manipulate the body to improve the range of motion and posture. Other benefits include reducing back pain, lower stress, and aiding relaxation.

    Prices from £150 for 60min
    Prices from £200 for 90min

  • Reflexology From£90

    Reflexology is an alternative health therapy deriving from the ancient Chinese belief in Chi. It involves the application of pressure and massage techniques to certain areas of the feet, which correspond to organs and body systems. The touch sends energy flows to the related area in the body to aid healing. Other benefits include reducing stress and pain, lifting mood, and improving overall well-being.

    Prices from £90 for 60min
    Prices from £135 for 90min


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