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Summer Skin Tips with Beautii Expert, Milena

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  • 10/05/2018

We’re now well and truly into May meaning that summer time is just around the corner. Now is the perfect time to start prepping your legs so that you’re ready for those long sunny days. We caught up with Beautii expert, Milena to discover her top tips for glowing skin all summer long…

Dreaded cellulite. How to tackle it:

Cellulite is essentially fat cells stored just under the skin and it’s usually related to your lifestyle and diet, but genetics also play a part. Combatting cellulite takes time, unfortunately there is no quick fix. A clean diet, exercise and hydration are the perfect building blocks for getting rid of cellulite.

To target the the problem more intensely, you can employ these steps:

Dry skin body brushing:

There are so many dry body brushes to choose from. If you want to supercharge the process, try Karmameju’sIonic Body Brush. It has soft copper bristles and helps balance the body’s electromagnetic field, improving the efficiency of your lymphatic system.
It only takes a few minutes and is best done in the morning as it’s both stimulating and energising. Start from bushing the bottom of your sole and work your way up towards the heart. It doesn’t have to be hard, the lymphatic system requires just a little pressure.
2. Cupping: 


This can be done whilst in the shower. Lather up your skin with soap to get a smooth movement and avoid pinching. If you decide to do this out of the shower, you need to use enough oil to allow the cups to glide over the skin, Weleda do a great Birch Oil. Again, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to cups, but my favourite ones to use are by Lure Essentials.


Use the cups with medium pressure, moving in a circular or zigzag motion over affected areas. It’s said that 5 minutes worth of cupping equates to 30 minutes deep massage! Your skin will begin to flush as blood comes to the surface rather quickly. Avoid leaving the cup in one place for too long so that you don’t bruise yourself. Cups are also an excellent tool for tight muscles!
3. Follow up with lotion after the shower, whilst your skin is warm and pores open. My favourite is Neals Yard Firming Body Lotion.


4. And remember to drink plenty of water!


Why not book in one of our massage professionals? Our experts take the stress out of appointments by making their way to you – book here.

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