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Spray Tanning tips from our Experts

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  • 05/06/2019

Summer is finally here and as the days get lighter, warmer and brighter, it’s time to ditch your winter wardrobe and tights to expose some skin.  As liberating as that sounds, the thought of showing off pasty and sun deprived skin is very daunting, so, before the heatwave arrives, now is the perfect time to prep your skin for the big reveal.

Why have a spray tan?

A Spray tan is the best way to add some health and colour to your skin, all year round. It’s a safer alternative to sunbeds and sun damage from actual UV exposure and it’s better for the environment.  Spray tans will add radiance to your skin and boost your confidence and make you look slimmer. Whether you’re doing it for the summer, for a special occasion or just to look glowy and healthy, a spray tan is a fuss free and easy way to achieve this within a few hours.

Why should you have a spray tan instead of buying a bottle of fake tan?  Well, a spray tan will ensure that you have an even and streak free all over tan that will last over a week.

What you should do before your appointment?

Preparation is everything. Before you are due to have your spray tan, make sure that you do the following:


  1. Make sure to do all of your hair removal 24 hrs before your booked appointment. Waxing needs to be done 48h before your appointment.
  2. Exfoliate to remove all dead skin cells as this makes the tanning solution settle in the skin making your tan last longer.
  3. After exfoliation, use a water based cream to hydrate the skin. Pay extra attention to the dry parts of the body such as heads, neck, elbows, knees and feet.
  4. On the day of your home tan, make sure to have a shower in the morning and avoid using any moisturisers, oils, scents or deodorants. If you have a spray tan booked that morning, remember to use cold water at the end of the shower to close your pores.


  • After your spray tan please wear loose clothing and flip flops.
  • Avoid washing your hands and make sure to not book any additional beauty treatments while your tan is developing (between 2-8hrs)
  • Avoid any activity that makes you sweat
  • After your tan has developed, make sure to not exfoliate as the tan will strip.

After you tan has developed:

  • Have a luke warm shower to wash off the tan once developed
  • Always remember to pat the body dry instead of rubbing it dry.
  • Remember to moisturise daily to prolong the tan and to keep your skin looking its best. Use oil-free products.

Your ideal shade

Have an idea of which shade you would like and let the therapist know what the tan is for.  If you are asking for a top up before a holiday, you might want it a darker shade, however, if it’s for a wedding the next day, you would most likely just want a glowier version of your current skin tone. If you planning to have a trial bridal tan before your big day we recommend taking pictures in a white top the few days following your tan.

It might help to have a celebrity’s picture, or one of yourself on holiday for your ideal shade to hand to show the therapist.

What happens during your appointment?

Each therapist works differently. Therapists’ usually set up a pod or a tent where the treatment will take place. You will then stand in the middle, stripped down and wearing disposable pants (or a thong). The therapist will apply the formula using a spray gun, doing the front and back separately. You will be asked to move your arms or legs in certain angles and the therapist might work their way into certain spots of the body to ensure an even application.

The formulas

Most people already know which brands they like using, however, if you’re a first timer, ask your technician which colour will suit you and they can pick the brand. Your beauty therapist will look at your skin tone and your desired colour and make a decision based on that.

At the moment, clear tans – brands such as Isle of Paradise and Tan Luxe have become increasingly popular. Spray Tan solutions are normally tinted with a temporary brown tint so that the technician can see how the product is being applied and this is eventually washed away during a shower. The difference is that a clear tan will not give you an immediate colour and it will develop within a few hours.

For those with sensitive skin, try Santana which are all fruit based formulas.

When can you have a shower?

Unless you are using an express (same day) formula, you will need to wait 6 -10 hours before you have a shower. Your Beautii tanner will specify the time after the appointment.

Before a big event, we always advise you to have your tan the day before and if you are planning to wash it the day after, you can leave it on overnight as the tan stops processing after a certain amount of time


Always leave your tan for the required time before showering.

Avoid wearing tight clothing until the tan has developed. This will take any time between 1-8 hrs depending on the brand that has been discussed and selected.  Also, avoid wearing socks or shoes after your tanning session, as sweating can inhibit the development of your tan. Avoid applying moisturiser or deodorants until you have showered.

Avoid chlorine and exfoliate 5 days after to even out the tan for even fade off.

  • Avoid shaving until 12 hrs after your treatment.
  • Avoid direct contact with light coloured fabrics until you’ve showered.
  • When working out, use talcum or mineral powder in your sports bra and trainers, to avoid rubbing on body parts and stripping the tan.

Your tan should last 5-7 days.

Prices start from £66 for a booking within the London area.

To book in with one of our BEAUTII experts, please book in online at

Or Telephone: +44 207 428 1870.


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